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Culinary Team Building Events
                Bonding Over a Hot Skillet™
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So Easy, So Delicious
From Ellie's Kitchen

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Culinary team building stimulates cooperation towards a  common goal ~
preparing and eating a complete meal. Based on the universal experience of
"breaking bread" together, each team member  contributes, 
regardless of their culinary skills.
                                                                     Benefits of Team Cooking
    - Increases employee morale, camaraderie, cooperation, communication skills & multi-tasking
    - Rejuvenates work teams and helps newly formed teams get acquainted
    - Stimulates brainstorming, decision making and problem solving
    - Allows participants to work quickly under time constraints, to organize and delegate tasks
    - Safer alternative to river rafting & rope climbing - and people don't limp away with sore muscles
   - Held off-site  >>Ellie's team building cooking site
- Employees are divided into
   groups where each group
   prepares  a portion of the meal
   and then serves it
  - During the meal there is a
   discussion of the recipes,
   debriefing of the groups'
   conclusions and celebration of
   the teams'  accomplishments
   while they enjoy a delicious meal


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Culinary Team Building video
HBO "Sopranos
Kick-Off Event" for
Charter Communications
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Here is what people have said about Ellie's Culinary Team Building Events
  "Thanks so much for a wonderful event. Everyone totally enjoyed it. I was amazed that from all the
  controlled choas delicious food was produced. A true testament  to the kinds of recipes provided and
  your expert oversight."                                               Michael Tracey, Operations Mgr., Lifeline Systems, Framingham, MA

"The EMD Serono US Regulatory team had a great cooking and team building experience with Ellie.  Ellie was well prepared, matched preparation and cooking tasks to our capabilities, and was very engaging.  The cooking tips and recipes will carry-on!  The meal was great and there was plenty left over to share with others who also enjoyed them."
                                                                                                                                        Rosann Reinhart, EMD Serono, Inc, Rockland, Mass..

"On behalf of the Regulatory team here at Cubist, I would like to thank you for providing us with such a fun and
  delicious teambuilding event. We could not stop talking about it at work yesterday. You and your team were so
   gracious and planned such a great time for us, which was topped off with delicious food. How could we go wrong?
   The event met all of our expectations and more. I will make sure I get the word out there to anyone who is looking
   into options for teambuilding to check out your website. Thank you also for the wonderful pictures and video link.
   I will plan on sending your emails to the rest of the team so that they can enjoy them as much as I did. Again, we
   appreciate all that you and your team did and will certainly consider a return engagement in the future.
   Best Regards to you and your team for a Happy and Spooky Halloween Season!!!! "
                                                                                                                                     Jeff Bourque, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA 

"Our teambuilding event with Ellie Deaner was a great success.  Ellie worked with us to customize the event
  to our needs.  The team had a great time and the event provided us the opportunity to have 3 separate groups
  that had been recently reorganized together to really bond, have fun and get to know each other.    Thanks Ellie !!!"
                                                                                                  Donna Beauchamp, Senior V.P., Bank of America, Boston, Massachusetts

This event was fantastic; great team building and relationship building. The food was awesome, great variety!
  Would highly recommend.                                                                                                  Diane Holbrook, Comcast, N. Reading, Mass.

Thank you for making our team building exercise such a huge success. I was pleasantly surprised to see how 
  much fun and bonding can take place over a hot skillet. Our clients  were able to create (literally) a delicious
  multi-course meal while at the same time get  to know each other in a way they would never be able to do
   'on the job'."                                                                                                                     Irene Siotka,  Acct. Director, New England,  HBO

  "It was great meeting you at the HBO/Sopranos team building event. I have actually used some of the recipes.
  I'm not much of a cook but followed the recipes to a tee and the meals were great. My husband was wondering
  where I learned to cook!!!  We all had a blast!"                                    P. M.,  Charter Communications, Worcester, Massachusetts

  "We had a team building event with Ellie and it was fun and absolutely delicious. Ellie's personable
  nature and charm put us all at ease. Her fun tricks and yummy recipes made the evening memorable.
  I whole heartedly recommend these classes for special events."
                                                                                                         Naina Kalavar, Associate Consultant, Bain & Company, Boston, MA
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